Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snow - Part II

So what happens when you get a full winter of snow (plus) in 10 days?  You have to rent a bobcat.  Yes - we have had so much snow - and no melt off - that there is no where left to put the snow in our driveway.  So after a paltry 3" fell midweek - our snow guy informed us that we had to rent a bobcat to remove our snow before the anticipated 1-2 feet this weekend.

It was pretty fun to watch him work.  The snow where he is sitting in that second picture was 8 feet high an hour before! Now I guess we have room for another 3 feet to fall.  But at this rate, my kids will be going to school until the middle of July!  And the post office is a total mess.  Today I was thankful to find that they had used a bobcat there too and now there was street parking in front. 

At least I have been getting some embroidery done when snowed in.  A picture of some progress is shown below.  Seems the winter has been good for many people to stitch as the pictures of completed trinket boxes and casket progress on the NING site is amazing.


1 comment:

  1. But where did he put the snow he moved? And do you think you'll ever dig out?

    At least you had some prime embroidery time!