Saturday, February 14, 2015


A Postscript to add - storm not over and those snow totals were blown out the window.  17" here at our house on a 8"-12" prediction.   The weather guy said "when the thundersnow started at 3am, we threw our predictions out the window".  So add 'Thundersnownado' to the list below.

Ok - to keep ourselves amused as the snow started and the next round of 'trapped inside' got underway - we started to list all the names used to describe our big storms.  We were trying to figure out where our exaggerating storm coverage would go next... I mean, they already used "The Blizzard of 2105" and here we are in the second blizzard in one month.
I guess they decided to call it 'Round 2'.  Guess they are going all Hollywood.
Actually the winds are a class 2 hurricane level.

Remembering a few of the ones used so far to describe our five huge storms:

- Winter Storm Juno
- Snowmaggedon
- Blizzard of 2015
- Blizzard of 2105 - Round 2
- Snow 'hurricane'

So we are going to have to coin some new ones because the way the weather man hedged about later this week - we know we are getting hit again soon:

- Snowbola
- Blizzaster
- Snowpocalypse
- Snowverload
- Snowtastrophe
- Snowzilla
- Snowlicious
- Snownado
- Blizznasty
- DaBlizzard

And a Boston special:  Wicked Blizzawd

Of course, those are only the clean names we are using around here.  :-) You know it is past absurd when you see this on TV.  In two hours, the rest of the 2-way streets in Boston will instantaneously change to one-way streets until April.  Don't come drive here - some of the intersections have taken one hour to get through all last week and I have no idea what confusion this change will unleash!  Is Google Maps taking notice?

Why?  Well apparently we are not satisfied with Mother Nature dumping it on us - we have to farm it now (ha ha).  Ever heard of a Snow Farm?  Actually the report is that the National Guard has been here all week removing snow.  And now NY, PA and other states sent in crews.  We just got back from a day skiing and we saw soooo many front loaders and bobcats on the highway being trucked in from other states.  It was crazy.  

Snow Farm in Boston - Feb 14th, 2015 (14 of these have been 'opened')


  1. You had to drive somewhere to go skiing? Seems as if you'd be able to just use all that snow and build a ski resort in downtown Boston!

  2. Living in sunny South Africa, your blog has been a fascinating insight into the ongoing realities of living in a cold climate and dealing with snow on that scale. Wow! Looking at the snow farm, I can't help wondering where all that melt water is going to go to. Take care and good luck in the next few weeks of winter!

  3. We're getting a mere taste over here in CT only 6-8 inches promised, but like you, it's all on top of the last couple of storms ...this time the craziest part is the wind and blowing snow. The best however, is my front walk has been scoured clean (no digging out there), but it's matched by the fact that half of my car is covered and the other half is clear. And the predictions are it's going to get worse overnight - I'm likely to venture out anyway to the market - there's no milk or bread or flour to make any bread in the place. Of course, we could just live on black instant coffee, vodka, buttered popcorn and tuna for the next couple of days.
    oh - and my vote for the next storm name? Snowtastrophe...

  4. I woke up this morning to 11" so far and counting. No plowing as the conditions were too bad to plow last night. Plow got stuck on the highway. They are extending the '12"+line' on the map to a wider area. Yet again - they under predicted the storm. OMG.