Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow - Part III

Wow.  Do we have snow.  We also have a State of Emergency just being declared by our Gov with only a few hours left of this current storm that was supposed to be 6-12 and now the numbers are as much as 27" with a few more hours to go.  Apparently they are asking other states to sent us snow melters, front loaders, etc.

Our public transportation system is completely shut down now for the foreseeable future.  We have had as much as 7 feet of snow that hasn't melted in a little over two weeks.  The trains keep loosing power on the iced rails and so people keep getting stranded on trains and having to be rescued after hours.

The ice on our roofs are now as much as 8" thick and the leaking has begun.  Ours has about six leaks and we spent the day melting the thick ice inside the windows with heat guns all day.  It was 'comforting' to find out on email that all our neighbors are in the same situations (got great tips on how to handle the leak buckets, etc).  Kids just came down to inform us that the windows are all full of ice again.  Crud - I was going to embroider.

Fun fact - Boston hauled 6000 trucks of snow and melted it today.

The next 'significant storm' is Thursday/Friday.  OMG.


This was the snow state TWO DAYS AGO.  We have to see how bad it is when the sun comes up tomorrow after another 20"+ on top of this.  My kids were actually sledding from our garage today


  1. And I crab about my 16". My goodness what an ordeal for the people to deal with. And animals!

  2. OMG, indeed! I'm in Vermont and we have nothing compared to Boston and eastern MA. Good luck with your house and stay safe. Marly brings up an interesting point, it can't be easy for dogs to find their "spot."

  3. Being down in CT, we're also sick of the snow piled up everywhere- can't imagine how it is up in your neck of the woods with twice as much on the ground as we've gotten here! They are promising us only an inch or so tomorrow, but then they told us it would only by 3-5 on the last round and it was at least a foot at my place....And speaking of leaks - my plumber who is working on the remodeling project informed me this afternoon that there is a leaking ice dam running down behind the exterior paneling into the new insulation - heaven help us when all this stuff really melts! Elisabeth in CT