Thursday, February 6, 2014

17th Century Beaded Basket - Multi Media Category

The first place winner in this category went to Carolyn Webb.  Her basket is called "Shakespeare's Flowers Basket

My basket was inspired by some of the flowers mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare. An educated girl of the period would have probably known about the plays and understood the references in them far better than we do today. Instead of planting my flowers in a garden, I created a basket featuring a few of the plants he referred to. I created a rose, daisy, buttercup, flax, iris, pansy, poppy, and violet plus leaves and clover in wonderful bright colors. I love flowers and it was fun to create them using the limitations that are inherent with the technique of wiring the beads in the needed shape.
 Carolyn told me that she has used card for the sides and fabric for the bottom.  She said that the beads are all either wired, wrapped or netted.  The larger of the wire rims forms the bottom (the rules said you only needed to use one of the two in the kit).  

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