Thursday, February 13, 2014

How did Rachael Do That Contest!

I thought it was a wonderful idea that Rachael had - make everyone guess a few parameters about her basket!

So here is it -

1) How many beads did she use for the entire basket?

2) How many hours and minutes to make the basket?

3)  What is the size of the basket?

A prize will be given for the answer which is closest to the actual answer.  One of the prizes is this set of new metal threads from Access Commodities (and supplied by them as a gift to you!).  They are the same construction as the #371 and #380 but in new metallic colors (Light gold, dark gold, copper and matte gold).  There are other prizes as well and just as great!

If you want to enter - send me an email ( with BASKET NUMBERS in the subject line.  Then your guess(es).  Please use units such as hours, minutes, beads, or inches/cm so I can identify which question(s) you are answering.  Then don't forget to add your address so I can send you the prize if you win!  

I will take entries until Wednesday, Feb 19 at midnight EST.  So let the estimating begin!!


1 comment:

  1. Has anyone guess the exact number yet????? I cant wait to see what they all guessed :)