Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do You Also Quilt?

I make reproduction style quilts in my non-existant free time and have a massive reproduction fabric habit.  It fights for room with my embroidery supplied and wins.  We use my quilts in the house on beds and backs of chairs.  In piles and on walls (again fighting with the embroidery!).  So last week when I was at Old Sturbridge Village in the textile storage viewing some samplers related to the Abby Cozzens sampler, I couldn't help being distracted by a pile of quilt fabric.

I was delighted to find out that the mesmerizing pile was the newest collection of reproduction fabrics designed by Julie Rothermel and Old Sturbridge Village off their collection of quilts for Marcus Fabrics.  The large scale pattern was yummy and then the swirling stripes were an essential for my stash.  The best part is that the licensing revenue on these pieces goes to the museum.



  1. Oh you cruel woman! These are beauties and yes, the stash for both hobbies and more are fighting for space! No more space in those cupboards, but I see these in my future!!!!!!

  2. Same with me! I'm currently working on a quilt and it is consuming me. Embroidery is taking a back seat for a while. The blocks are all made and just need to be put together. At least the end is almost in sight!

  3. Yes, I love to make reproduction quilts and collect reproduction fabrics. For years I was a quilter who also embroidered, these days it is more the other way around. That is partly due to you Tricia, with your wonderful classes and the inspiration you provide us all. Can't believe you find time to quilt too!

  4. I can't seem to drift into any fabrics except reproductions. Ha, I also am drooling. Thanks for enabling me, Tricia. I have dueling addictions as well.