Monday, February 10, 2014

Just Wow Number 3!

Suzanne De Jesus created this LUSCIOUS acorn basket with her husband's initials.  I have to admit that I am a sucker for acorns and if I see this basket in person, it just might end up mysteriously disappearing to my house! You can imagine how this piece was an obvious choice for the Just Wow! category.

I was inspired by photographs found in the Beaded Basket Project Web Links at Thistle Threads, specifically Web#1 photo for the beaded initials. I found some examples of right angle weaves in the blue flower of Web#3 photo that I was able to incorporate in the acorn caps. Web#5 & #7 photos inspired my oak leaves from the wire framed Peyote stitched elements, also, the silk wrapped stems.

Suzanne gave a small tutorial about how she made the leaves on our private NING social site for the online classes - I will ask her if I can repeat it on the blog.  Maybe she might teach us all how to make the acorns as well!  If you look closely you will see empty acorn caps as well!