Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Modern Beaded Basket Category - Winners

In this category, anything went!  You only had to use one of the two rims that were provided in the kit (Which are available again).  The first prize in this category was a tie between two creative ladies!  I loved the interpretations!

The first basket is by Janet Brandt and is titled "Fish Out of Water".  I like the fact that Janet made and added handles to the piece.  Her impecible sense of proportion had her minimize the struts that make up the sides to focus the attention from her riot of beads inwards to the grotto with the fish.

I am a 'Fish Out Of Water' when it comes to beading so it is fitting that my beaded basket should feature a small fish jumping out of the pool of water and into the waterfall! The embroidered base was eliminated from a  different project and worked better in the basket. My favorite beads were poured into a bowl, strung, then wrapped around the metal rims. I improvised the clover leaf handles. The riot of colors and shapes that make up ethnic embroideries are the inspirations for most of my work. It was fun to try something new.

I have returned and see the future and its name is pollution......

Janet tied with Renee Fields, whose entry had a special place in my heart for her use of technology!  I really, really wish she would post a little video of her piece so we could all see the lights!  Her piece highlights the modern effects on the grotto that the mermaid would have been swimming in.  Hers has
colored LED lights inside the mica flames - inside the little tires!  Such a cool statement piece!  Note the mirror in the Mermaid's hand and the silk wrapped purl used for her hair.
My basket is modern.  Although I couldn’t show it in the photo, the flames are lit by rose colored LED lights.  The mermaid has resurfaced in the Cuyahoga River in 1969 amid pollution and the river is burning.  Mica sheets are used for the flames.

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