Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Marrying Pocahontas - A Jacket Project

Many of you have already heard that Jamestown is reenacting the wedding of Pocahontas to John Rolfe in April of 2014 and that there is a public project to create a piece of clothing for that event.  Brenda Rosseau of the Williamsburg Costume Design Center is in charge of the project and has an interesting podcast on the subject. 

Williamsburg's Costume Design Center has a joint agreement to provide clothing for Jamestown and so is in charge of creating the embroidered jacket.  This one is inspired by the Falkland Jacket in the collection of the V&A but uses motifs native to the Americas in place of the animals and flora on the English jacket to relate it to this event.  The project is moving fast but is using embroiderers who volunteer like the Plimoth Jacket project.  If you are interested, you can contact them for a form and date that you could participate.

Volunteer embroiderers of all skill levels are invited to contact Julie Zellers-Frederick at julie@preservationvirginia.org or 757-856-1259.

I will be going to Virginia soon to participate with a group of those who stitched on the Plimoth Jacket. It will be an exciting experience as the jacket is being worked with several pieces on one frame, which would have been the traditional way to do it.  I am looking forward to it as this method will be a nice contrast to how we did the Plimoth Jacket (each piece on a different frame) and I am sure there will be some insights that come about from working on this project!

So if you missed out on working on the Plimoth Jacket - help Brenda and become one of her volunteers!

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