Friday, February 7, 2014

Winner 17th Century Traditional Category

Jackie Wyatt was the winner in the 17th century traditional basket category.  Her flower rimmed basket was a delight and reminds you heavily of the baskets she references:

For a number of years I have wanted to create my own beaded basket, but their size kept me from attempting the project. I was therefore delighted when the opportunity arose to purchase a miniature basket kit from Thistle Threads. While all of the baskets I’ve seen are remarkable, I am particularly drawn to those which have flowers and plants attached to the sides of the baskets in three dimensions. The following are several examples that I used for inspiration:  (2nd basket)  

After viewing a number of extant baskets online, I chose to use the beads provided with the kit due to many examples having a white and green colour scheme for the basket base. Aside from the beads provided in the kit, I primarily used size 15 beads for the flowers and leaves, with other sizes ranging from size 13 down to size 26, some vintage white hearts (blue, red) that are closer to size 11, and pearls. Many of these are vintage, probably early 20th century or even earlier.

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