Sunday, February 23, 2014

How Many Hours!?!

So it is time to reveal the parameters regarding Rachael's beautiful basket.  I hope everyone is watching her blog as the building of the basket units has been really interesting to watch.  Here you can see the angel as it is built up.

So there were 14 entries with many guesses.  From the guesses I could tell that there was methods to the madness - everyone was using their own estimation technique.

The funny thing was that the most competitive of the answers was the number of hours!  So here are the real answers:

Number of Beads:  143, 304 (136,264 for the basket and 7040 for the base)

Number of Hours:  646 hours 23 minutes

Size:  25" x 24"

So the winners are:

L. Popp - 125,000 beads
R. Howan - 25" x 25"
A. Riehl - 560 hours

Quite a few people guessed between 500-560 hours.  I think that they figured out how many months she was working on it and made some good guesses!   So for the winners, some nice threads will be on the way soon.


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