Friday, February 14, 2014


Are you inspired to get out all those beads hiding in your stash now?  The amazing creativity of the artists who made the beaded baskets is mindblowing.  I really hope that those who were in process with baskets and didn't finish them in time will send me pictures as I would love to post more!

If you want to try a hand at it yourself - the rims for the baskets are still available in the shop.  I also have fruit and acorn forms there too that can be used for making the three-dimentional flora seen on several of these baskets.

Suzanne De Jesus supplied me with a picture of how she was building parts of her stunning acorn basket.  I laughed as the forms she used for the acorns were almost exactly the ones that I have put on my site for a stumpwork version seen on many pieces.  So if you want to try your hand with a beaded version!  Suzanne has been asked to make instructions, if she does - I will let everyone know as I am sure there are many of us who would love them!

Suzanne said about this picture:  I used English cake wires(paper wrapped wires) colored with Copic pens. I then wrapped them with silk thread to match the beads. After that I worked the peyote stitch inside the wire shaping the wire as I went.
I also remind everyone to visit Rachael's blog to see the building of her masterpiece - I think all of us should make something like this in our life!   And remember to send me your guesses for the number of beads and hours in Rachael's basket (!

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